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For Respondents

If You Are a Respondent Heading link

Being accused of sexual misconduct in any form can be a confusing and stressful experience. There are campus resources available to answer your questions and offer you support through the process.

You’ll notice that if you are accused of sexual misconduct, you are referred to in the grievance process as the “Respondent”. Under the UIC Sexual Misconduct Policy, both the Complainant and Respondent have the right to a fair and equitable adjudication process and have the same procedural rights and protections throughout the grievance process.

Any member of the UIC community who is reported to have committed act(s) of sexual misconduct may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal charges. Disciplinary action may occur whether or not criminal charges are filed.

My Friend is a Respondent Heading link

If a friend or someone you know is reported to have committed act(s) of sexual misconduct, it is likely that you have questions and may be struggling to understand what has happened. You may be experiencing a range of emotions such as helplessness, anger, confusion or betrayal. If your friend has told you that they have been reported to have committed act(s) of sexual violence, they may be turning to you for help and support. You may be unsure how to respond to your friend or the situation.