Rights and Options in Reporting

Rights and Options Have You Been Affected by Sexual Misconduct?

Option to Report

Individuals have the right to choose to report or not report the incident to UIC officials, on-campus or local law enforcement, or confidential services, separately or simultaneously.

The Right to Receive Assistance from Campus Authorities

Individuals have the right to request and receive assistance from UIC in notifying law enforcement and in accessing and navigating on- and off-campus health and mental health services and counseling.

The Right to Request Protective Measures and Accommodations

Individuals have the right to request interim protective measures and accommodations from UIC, including without limitation:

  • Changes to academic, living, dining, working, and transportation situations;
  • Obtaining and enforcing a campus-issued order of protection or no-contact directive;
  • Obtaining and enforcing a state court-issued order of protection or no contact order.

Right to Privacy/Request for Confidentiality

For the purposes of Clery Act reporting and disclosures, no identifying information about the victim or reporting person will be disclosed in publically available recordkeeping, such as the Daily Crime Log or the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASFSR).

UIC will maintain as confidential any accommodations or protective measures provided to an individual, to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the institution to provide the accommodations or protective measures.

If an individual requests confidentiality when reporting, UIC will take all reasonable steps to honor the request, taking into account that confidentiality may not be possible in every case given UIC’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for all members of the UIC community.

Respect for Privacy

Information regarding sexual misconduct reports and investigations, including any outcomes, will be shared with UIC employees with a legitimate educational interest or with external individuals or entities only on a need-to-know basis or as permitted under UIC policy and applicable law, and shall protect the privacy of the participating parties and witnesses. Identities of parties will not be disclosed except as necessary to resolve the complaint or to implement interim protective measures and accommodations.