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An individual chosen by a complainant or respondent to provide advice, guidance, and support during a report of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct and any grievance process proceedings (i.e. meetings with university officials, student conduct hearings). An advisor may be a parent, friend, family member, staff or faculty member, union representative, advocate, or attorney.

Parties are strongly encouraged and will be allowed to have an advisor of their choice accompany them to any meeting or proceeding related to an alleged violation of the UIC Sexual Misconduct Policy.

During the investigative process, the advisor’s role is solely limited to providing advice, guidance, and support to the party. The advisor will not be permitted to provide a statement on behalf of the party. If the advisor violates the rules or engages in behavior or advocacy that harasses, abuses, or intimidates either party, a witness, or an individual resolving the complaint, that advisor may be prohibited from further participation.

During a Title IX hearing, each party must have an advisor. If a party does not have an advisor for the hearing, the University will provide an advisor without fee or charge to that party solely for the purpose of conducting cross-examination on behalf of that party. The selection of the advisor will be within the University’s discretion and is not required to be an attorney. The party’s advisor will be responsible for conducting cross-examination on behalf of that party