Examples of Sexual Misconduct

The following are examples of behavior and/or conduct that would fall within the definition of sexual misconduct:

Domestic Violence

Karen hit her girlfriend and roommate Sara three separate times in the past week, took Sara’s phone, and threatened Sara because she believes Sara is cheating on her. Karen has violated Title IX and this Policy by committing domestic violence. Domestic violence is prohibited under the University Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. Domestic violence can include emotional/psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse, harassment, threats, and intimidation.

Sexual Assault

Rachel, a student, is sexually assaulted at a middle school by Dave, a student, while volunteering with a UIC student organization. She is protected under Title IX and this Policy. Sexual assault includes any form of non-consensual sexual activity and unwanted sexual acts ranging from fondling to attempted rape or rape.

Sexual Harassment - Student on Student

Jasmine, a UIC student, is sexually assaulted at an off campus fraternity house. She is then taunted, harassed and verbally abused, in one of the campus dining facilities by the perpetrators friends. Both the harassers and the perpetrator have violated this Policy. Extreme verbal abuse can constitute Sexual Harassment, which is one form of sexual misconduct prohibited by the University Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. (Sexual Harassment is also prohibited under the University of Illinois Statement on Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct.). Here, the fraternity brothers' actions limit Jasmine’s use or enjoyment of University Services (the cafeteria).

Sexual Harassment - Hostile Environment

Ang began making advances towards Lupita shortly after starting his new job. After rejecting Ang’s actions and requests for a date, Lupita started receiving suggestive email messages at her university email. A few weeks later, Ang started leaving notes on her desk and a few weeks later, on her car. As a result Lupita has requested a parking re-assignment and has been arriving at the office one hour earlier to avoid coming in with Ang.  Because Ang's persistent behavior is creating an intimidating, threatening and hostile environment for Lupita, it violates Title IX.

Sexual Harassment - Quid Pro Quo 

Demetria, a freshman, is failing Physics. She asks her professor for help understanding the material in the hope of passing the final exam. Professor Marks advises her to go to the library and study harder, then makes a show of telling her he can fit her in for one-on-one tutoring that evening. When Demetria arrives and pulls out her study materials, Marks begins making sexual advances. Demetria’s quick rejection makes the professor angry, and he tells her to leave. This example of quid pro quo sexual harassment violates Title IX because the professor based his willingness to tutor Demetria on her willingness to engage in sexual acts.

Gender-Based Harassment

Over the last few months Chris has been repeatedly posting derogatory comments on Twitter about his male co-worker, Tyrone's high-pitched voice and feminine mannerisms.  As a result, Tyrone no longer feels comfortable and safe working in the same office building. This behavior violates Title IX because it is unwelcome conduct based on actual or perceived nonconformity with sex stereotypes.


Students Carlos and Rachel went to a party and both consumed numerous alcoholic drinks. Carlos observed Rachel slurring her words and vomiting. Carlos has sex with Rachel immediately after seeing this behavior. Carlos violated Title IX and this Policy because he reasonably should have known that Rachel was incapable of giving knowing consent.


After James, a student, rejected Jesse’s request for a date, Jesse began sending James hundreds of emails threatening to hurt James. James has asked Jesse repeatedly to stop contacting him but Jesse refuses. James is now constantly anxious and fears that Jesse will hurt him. Jesse, knowingly committed actions that could reasonably put James in fear of bodily harm. Jesse persisted in these actions despite James asking him to stop. Jesse, therefore, violated the Policy’s prohibition of stalking.