UIC Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

For Student Respondents

The University will respond to reports of student sexual misconduct with support and resources for all students affected by the report. This includes offering the student respondent appropriate information, support, and resources and notifying the student of applicable institutional policies.

Office of the Dean of Students
(312) 996-4857
1200 W. Harrison
Student Services Building – Room 3030
The Office of the Dean of Students will help to coordinate campus services for the student respondent. The Office of the Dean of Students is not an advocate on behalf of a student respondent or a confidential resource. The staff can assist with services which may include:

  • General support for the student.
  • Management of immediate and on-going needs related to academic accommodations, housing arrangements, access to campus facilities, and other interim interventions as necessary.
  • Referrals to confidential resources that can offer a safe listening space. The UIC Counseling Center offers confidential counseling services and crisis intervention to students.
  • Information and assistance related to administrative proceedings and investigations.
  • Information related to the student conduct process.
  • Assistance with understanding the university’s administrative processes.
  • Assistance with navigating family and community concerns and effects.
  • Information and referral to campus and community resources for additional support needs.

Legal Assistance
The UIC Student Legal Service cannot represent students accused of violations of the Student Disciplinary Policy. Students seeking legal advice should retain the services of their own personal attorney.

Counseling Center
(312) 996-3490
1200 W. Harrison
Student Services Building - Room 2010
The Counseling Center offers confidential counseling services for student respondents. The staff provides support and guidance to help manage immediate emotional trauma and strengthen resilience in response to trauma. Counseling and crisis intervention can be easily arranged by calling or coming to the Counseling Center. Counselors will arrange to meet with students who have urgent needs within the same day or the next day.

Campus Housing
(312) 355-6300
818 Wolcott Ave.
Student Residence Hall (SRH) – Room 220
Campus Housing staff (e.g. resident assistants, peer mentors, resident directors) will assist the student respondent including making appropriate referrals to university offices, providing information regarding investigations and the student conduct process. The staff can assist with changes in housing arrangements and inform the student respondent about campus services provided by the Office of the Dean of Students and the Counseling Center.

Gender and Sexuality Center
(312) 413-8619
Behavioral Sciences Building
Rooms 181 & 183
The Gender and Sexuality Center at UIC creates programs and provides resources that promote the full inclusion and cultural vitality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people and their allies. The GSC staff is available to consult with students on any aspect of their experience at UIC and can help make referrals to the appropriate offices. The GSC is one of the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change in the Office of Diversity.

Wellness Center
(312) 413-2120
750 S. Halsted Street
Student Center East Building - Room 238
The Wellness Center provides students with health and wellness information. The Center offers students individual consultations with a health educator. These informal discussions typically require no appointment and the goal of these consultations is to identify simple and effective self-care and life strategies covering everything from stress management and nutrition to relationships and sexual health.