UIC Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Campus and Community Resources

As a faculty member or staff member your relationships with students puts you in a unique position to offer help and support. The primary role for faculty and staff is to help the student know that there are campus and community resources that can help. As faculty and staff, it is important to understand that your role is not to provide counseling or take on the problem for the survivor. By educating yourself and following some simple guidelines, you can confidently and effectively respond to students who are experiencing sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking).

Please refer to the Sexual Misconduct Definitions for more information.

On receiving notice of an incident of sexual misconduct, assess whether a student needs immediate medical attention or there is an imminent danger to the student or others. If a student needs immediate medical attention or there is an imminent danger to the student or others call 911 or 312-355-5555 (UIC Police).

You should also encourage the student to report the incident to the UIC Police. Refer to the Reporting Sexual Assault section of this website for more information.

As a faculty or staff member you can serve an important role in helping survivors. By recognizing, responding and referring students, you are letting them know that you care about them and want to help.

Campus and Community Resources

Campus Resources

There are many university offices that provide information and services, options for reporting, advocacy, and support for student victims and respondents.

University Department Telephone Address
UIC Police (Emergency)
UIC Police (Non-Emergency)
(312) 355-5555
(312) 996-2830
943 W. Maxwell St.
Office of Access and Equity
(Title IX Coordinator )
(312) 996-8670 809 S. Marshfield #717
Office of the Dean of Students (312) 996-4857 Student Services Building #3030
Student Legal Service (312 996- 9214) Student Services Building #3030
Campus Advocacy Network (312) 413-8206 1101 W. Taylor Street, Suite 310 (above Chicago Public Library)
Counseling Center
In Touch Hotline
(312) 996-3490
(312) 996-5535
Student Services Building, #2010
Campus Housing (312) 355-6300 818 Wolcott, SRH #220
Family Medicine (East Side) (312) 996-2901 722 W. Maxwell St., 2nd Floor
Family Medicine (West Side) (312) 996-2901 1801 W. Taylor St., Suite 4E
UIC Hospital Emergency Room (312) 996-7298 1740 W. Taylor St.
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Community Resources

Students have the option of seeking support and assistance through community organizations. Outside agencies do not have the same obligations as the university to report or investigate incidents of sexual misconduct. These agencies also do not have authority to independently work with university departments to arrange academic accommodations, on-campus housing changes, access to university facilities, programs, or services and other on-campus interventions.

Community Agency Telephone Address
Rape Victim Advocates
(312) 443-9603 180 North Michigan
Chicago,IL. 60601
Services include medical and legal advocacy as well as free counseling services. Provides medical advocacy to the UIC Emergency Room and surrounding area hospitals.
Mujeres Latinas En Accion
(773) 890-7676 2424 W. 21st Place
Chicago, IL. 60608
Serving Latina survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their families; offers advocacy and counseling. Spanish speaking services available.
The Center on Halsted
(773) 472-6469
24 Hour Crisis:
(773) 871-2273
3656 N. Halsted Ave
Chicago, IL 61357
Serving Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Offers advocacy and counseling.
Apna Ghar
(773) 334-0173
24 Hour Crisis:
(800) 717-0757
4350 N. Broadway 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60613
Multilingual domestic violence shelter, counseling, and advocacy for Asian women and children.
Life Span Legal Services
(312) 408-1210
24-Crisis Lines:
(847) 824-4454 (English & Spanish)
(847) 824-1158 (Polish)
20 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60604
Provides representation in civil court and advocacy in criminal court for domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault survivors.
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Campus and Community Resource Guide

Campus Advocacy Network
(312) 413-8206
1101 W. Taylor Street, Suite 310 (above Chicago Public Library)

  • Confidential resource
  • Assists with obtaining civil orders of protection, making police reports, and safety planning
  • Assists with accommodations for victims
  • Accompanies students to court, police station, and conduct and investigation meetings

Counseling Center
(312) 996-3490
1200 W. Harrison SSB#2010

  • Confidential resource
  • Offers free professional counseling to students

Gender & Sexuality Center
(312) 413-8619
181 BSB
Provides support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied students

Rape Victim Advocates
(312) 443-9603

Mujeres Latinas En Acción
(773) 890-7676

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline
(800) 293-2080

Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-7233

LGBTQ Violence Resource Line
(773) 871-2273

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago
(312) 372-6600

On Campus
UIC Hospital Emergency Room
(312) 996-7296
1740 W. Taylor

Family Medicine Clinics
(312) 996-2901
722 W. Maxwell, 2nd Floor, &
1801 W. Taylor, 2A

Student Legal Services
(312) 996-9214
1200 W. Harrison SSB#3030
Provides legal assistance and representation for students. Cannot represent students accused of violations of the Student Disciplinary Policy.

Off Campus
Life Span Legal Services
(312) 408-1210

Chicago Legal Clinic
(773) 731-1762

On Campus
UIC Police
(312) 555-5555
(312) 996-2830
  • Creates a police report
  • Conducts criminal investigations
  • Arrests suspects
  • Enforces civil orders of protection
  • Refers student incidents to Title IX Coordinator, Student Conduct process, and Campus Advocacy Network
Off Campus
Chicago Police
(312) 746-6000
Office for Access and Equity, Title IX Coordinator
(312) 996-8670
809 S. Marshfield, Room 717
  • Conducts Title IX investigations for sexual violence and harassment
  • Implements interim interventions and safety measures
  • Makes referrals to the Student Conduct Process and the Campus Advocacy Network
Office of the Dean of Students
(312) 996-4857
1200 W. Harrison SSB#3030
  • Oversees Student Conduct Process
  • Conducts student conduct hearings
  • Implements interim interventions and safety measures
  • Determines student sanctions
  • Assists students with accommodations
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